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Satellite Communications

Get broadband internet access designed for businesses with multiple locations. Create a private network that isn't shared with consumers. Use it for in-store music and TV, credit authorization, web conferencing, and company   training.

Low-Voltage Cabling

Your data networks, phone systems, security and fire systems - they all run through low-voltage cabling. We can install all of them. We will take care of the planning and installation for all your systems - inside and out.

Satellite Dish Installation

An installation crew is available nationally to install small dishes or large dishes up to 5 meters. Whether you need wall mounts, roof mounts, or ground mounts AntennaPro has years of experience in VSAT and satellite broadband.

Nationwide Service

Make one phone call to set up service across the whole country. We're based in Denver, Colorado but we have a nationwide network of experienced installers.

Satellite Downlink

Are you having a corporate broadcast and you need a satellite dish to receive it? We can come in and set up a portable downlink receiver. This is becoming very popular for corporate communications, conferences, employee training, and distance learning.

Contact Us

Experience and planning are required to make an installation successful. Call and talk with us. We'll make sure you choose the right package of services and get them installed and working, quickly and on-budget.

From across the country or across the office, AntennaPro gets you connected. We're an end-to-end solutions provider, which means we'll help you select the right satellite services, install the satellite dish, and do all the necessary cabling.

All you have to do is call.