Deliver specialty television programming to your niche market.

For almost forty years, satellites have been the primary medium for the distribution of television programming. The reason is simple: no other technology matches satellite for its ability to affordably distribute video content across wide distances, to literally an unlimited number of viewers.

Cable companies receive their programming via satellite and then send it out to subscribers through hundreds, if not thousands of miles of coax cable. Even when cable companies use the highest quality components, the signal quality on their system still degrades. You are also limited to mass market programming that appeals to the majority of subscribers.

SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television) allows you to receive programming straight from the satellite. You can choose which programming you want, taking advantage of special corporate broadcasts, distance learning programming, sporting events, and foreign language programming.

Advantages for Corporations

A master antenna television system can combine a variety of video media sources at a "head-end" facility and distribute that video information throughout a manufacturing plant or corporate campus. Video media sources can be from a satellite dish, VCR, broadband connection, or any other audio/video device. You can supply your business with an effective and reliable medium for "just-in-time" corporate-wide broadcasting of business-critical applications, including:

Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Bars, Apartments, Dormitories, and Prisons

SMATV delivers a distributed digital signal throughout your facility and can even include your local off-air channels. The system is your alternative to cable television because it allows you to customize your programming according to your audience’s needs and desires. Instead of choosing from cable-television's standard programming packages, you design your own channel line-up. Not having to pay for “filler” channels that no one watches can greatly reduce your entertainment operating costs. Consider these other benefits:

AntennaPro can design and install a complete SMATV system.

AntennaPro specializes in the design, installation, and service of TV distribution systems, which includes SMATV (satellite master antenna television) systems, private cable systems, and commercial C/KU Band TVRO downlink satellite systems. These systems are typically found in multiple dwelling units, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, airports, bars, and other commercial properties.




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